AI Photorealistic Images

I meticulously craft my own prompts for Midjourney, with a specialized focus on hyperrealistic prompts of the highest quality. This expertise enables the creation of stock images across a diverse range of categories, including food, landscapes, portraits, and much more.

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AI Watercolor Images

I crafted a series of prompts to render good quality images in aquarelle, my goal is to explore with lots of detailed the endless opportunities AI can offer. 

Prompt Writing

I work for the creation of prompts with ChatGPT, Bard and Astica. I conceptualized the prompts semantic using Phyton and Word2Vec. I enfasis the creation of my prompt in the use of the bag of words for each topic. I also wrote a promt specilized in optics, this allows to have a deep understanding in depth light data. 

prompt word in a dictionary. prompt concept.