I’m Melisa Machuret, a seasoned illustrator, graphic designer, prompt specialist, and visual stylist for Midjourney, based in Colombia. I am fueled by a passion for transforming intricate ideas into compelling visuals using artificial intelligence.

My educational journey took me to Aix-en-Provence Art School and later to La Cambre School in Belgium, where I pursued visual arts.

Armed with this knowledge, I have crafted over 700 videos across a multitude of industries, from healthcare and real estate to robotics.

Beyond conventional design, I specialize in creating explainer videos that meld detailed illustrations with voiceovers, leveraging AI to break down even the most complex subjects for diverse audiences.

My fascination with scientific subjects has led me to work closely with medical professionals and scientists, making daunting topics, like neurosurgery procedures, comprehensible to patients or creating illustrations for papers.

For the Ai images, I meticulously craft my own prompts for Midjourney, focusing on hyperrealistic prompts of the highest quality. This expertise, bolstered by AI, enables the creation of stock images across a diverse range of categories, including food, landscapes, portraits, and much more.

With a unique fusion of creativity, analytical insight, and cutting-edge technology, I pride myself on being a premier visual translator in today’s design landscape.

Art Statement

Throughout my career, one of the skills I've honed and take pride in is the ability to grasp profoundly complex ideas, no matter the discipline or domain. This might range from intricate scientific theories to multifaceted business strategies. But understanding is only the first step. My true strength lies in taking that understanding and translating it into compelling graphic representations.

Visualizing an idea, especially a complex one, requires more than just artistic talent; it demands an intricate dance of analytical reasoning with creativity. Each graphic element, color, and line I choose is meticulously selected to convey specific information, ensuring clarity without oversimplification. Moreover, the challenge isn't just about accuracy, but also about creating a visually engaging narrative that holds the viewer's attention and guides them through the complexities of the topic.

This ability to bridge the gap between the abstract and the tangible, the esoteric and the comprehensible, is where my passion truly lies. For many, it's one thing to comprehend a difficult concept, but an entirely different challenge to represent it visually in a way that others can grasp almost instinctively. And in today's information-driven world, where attention spans are fleeting, the importance of such a skill has never been more paramount.

In essence, I see myself not just as an illustrator but as a visual translator, taking the intricate tapestries of ideas and weaving them into graphic masterpieces that speak louder than words alone.  

Melisa M. 


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