I craft custom-made illustrations using the precision of the iPad Pro and the versatility of Adobe Draw, ensuring each design is tailored to your unique vision and needs. Dive into my illustration services for bespoke and vibrant visuals.

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Book Design

As a freelancer in various marketplaces, I specialize in crafting illustrations for books and projects. This journey has led to incredible adventures, allowing me to create diverse illustrations for a multitude of individuals, each with their own unique story to tell.

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Conference Art

I'm invited to conferences where I perform live illustrations, capturing the essence of what the speaker is conveying in real-time. I have a particular inclination towards conferences centered on knowledge graphs, mind maps, ontology, and semantics, blending art with these intricate subjects.

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Scientific Art

I possess a deep fascination for scientific subjects, and this passion has led me to collaborate with doctors. Together, we craft videos and illustrations with the goal of demystifying complex topics, such as neurosurgery procedures, making them accessible and understandable for patients.

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Whiteboard Animation

Over the years, I've produced over 700 videos spanning a variety of industries, including healthcare, real estate, robotics, ecology, and social services, among others. An explainer video seamlessly combines illustrations with a voiceover and script, facilitating a quicker and more intuitive understanding for the viewer

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Complex Ideas

I possess the versatility to illustrate a vast spectrum of subjects, from the intricate realms of knowledge graphs to sensitive topics like cybercriminality. My range also extends to everyday themes, such as restaurant menus. Regardless of the subject matter's complexity or sensitivity, I approach each project with precision and care, ensuring clarity and resonance in every piece I create.

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